Sadakatsiz lost both ratings and first place, so the audience gave the message!
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2 October 2022 10:15


Sadakatsiz lost both ratings and first place, so the audience gave the message!

Among the TV series broadcast on Wednesday evenings, Sadakatsiz started last season and continues with very good results. Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen are in the lead roles of the series, whose story has increased in the second season.

Berkay Ateş was involved in the story in the new season of the series. When the events between Aras character and Asya were not exciting enough, the screenwriters revealed the character of Leyla, played by Aslı Orcan this time.

When Leyla, Aras’s wife, appeared, Asya suddenly fell into Derin’s position and came to the point of seducing a married man. This is where the story came from, which made the audience very angry. There was also criticism on social media.

In the series Sadakatsiz, there is a group of viewers who are deeply immersed in the story. The 40th episode of the TV series broadcast on Kanal D aired on the evening of November 24. It is seen that there is a decrease in all categories in the series ratings.

Having won the first place in the EU group before, Sadakatsiz came second this time. The production, which was second in ABC1 group before, achieved third place with its last episode.

The fact that the series, which has had a regression in the ratings, lost the first place in the EU group against Kuruluş Osman for the last two weeks, gives the message that the story is now difficult and the time for change has come.

As the strong woman image of Asya is damaged, the interest of the audience in the production will decrease. The screenwriters made a mistake about Aras and now they will have to reposition Asya as the strong woman in the story.

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