Sadakatsiz, one of Turkey's most gripping TV series, broke the record in Spain!
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29 September 2022 11:05


Sadakatsiz, one of Turkey’s most gripping TV series, broke the record in Spain!

Kanal D’s last season together with Med Yapım Sadakatsiz, which it adapted to the Turkish audience by adapting the TV series Dr. Foster,, attracted great attention. The series, which achieved great success in the ratings, was also screened in Spain recently. Sadakatsiz broke the record in Spain with its first episode.

Sadakatsiz series, which brings Cansu Dere, Melis Sezen and Caner Cindoruk together and tells the lives of three people around a story of deception, will soon be on Kanal D with its second season. While filming for the new season continues, the TV series Sadakatsiz has recently started airing in Spain.

The first episode of the Sadakatsız series, which started to be broadcast under the name Infiel on Antena 3, one of the largest TV channels in the country, topped the list with 2 million 357 thousand viewers and 18.1% viewership.

Thus, Sadakatsiz became the most watched TV series in Spain since July 2018. This success of Sadakatsiz made both the actors and the production company very happy.

Meanwhile, Sadakatsiz is getting ready to come to the screen with striking episodes in the new season. Berkay Ateş, the new actor of the new season, will bring a new breath to the series.

Berkay Ateş will portray a character named Aras in the new season of the series. Aras and Asya’s path will cross in the emergency room of Asya’s new hospital. We will see together what will develop between Aras and Asia in the coming months.

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