Artists News Sadakatsiz series is over, but Caner Cindoruk is preparing to surprise the audience!

Sadakatsiz series is over, but Caner Cindoruk is preparing to surprise the audience!


The beloved series of Kanal D screens, Sadakatsiz (Unfaithful), said goodbye to the screen at the end of the season. Caner Cindoruk gave life to Volkan, a character who drives the audience crazy on the screen with his Volkan character, with a successful performance.

Caner Cindoruk, who had a successful performance in the series Kadın (Woman) before this series, became a remarkable name not only in Turkey but also abroad. Especially after the release of Sadakatsiz in Spain, the actor expanded his fan base.

Along with the interest shown in Turkish TV series in Latin American countries, our actors are also appreciated. Caner Cindoruk was one of these names. Cindoruk draws attention with his theater works after the end of Sadakatsiz, which is currently busy.

The actor, who is from Adana, stated that he continues to work on theater both in Istanbul and his hometown Adana. In the meantime, he also increased the curiosity by expressing that he had a surprise for the audience in the new season after Sadakatsiz. Although it is not clear that he has agreed with a project at the moment, the actor, who says that he is evaluating the offers, is likely to return to the screen in the season.

The actor, who wanted to return to the screen after Sadakatsiz, said, “We are reading new things, we will come back with very good news soon,” and revealed the possibility of coming back by agreeing with a project!

In the meantime, the actor explained that he directed a theater play in Adana Seyhan and that both projects he took part in were comedy works, and that he was preparing to appear in front of the audience with a comedy role on the Istanbul Moda stage.

With these plays, the audience will have the opportunity to watch Caner Cindoruk, whom we have been accustomed to seeing in drama stories for a long time, in comedy.

Cindoruk also conveyed the idea of ​​scripting his own stories and pointed out that there may be new developments on this subject in the near future.