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18 August 2022 18:47


Seda Bakan, who finished the shooting of Another Self, explained why she quit using Twitter!

Actress Seda Bakan, who plays the character of “Ferda” in Mucize Doktor series, which was broadcast on Kanal D’s latest screens, completed the shooting of Another Self, which was shot for Netflix, in Cunda.

After the shooting of Another Self, in which she shared the lead roles with influential names such as Seda Bakan, Tuba Büyüküstün, Murat Boz, Serkan Altunorak, Fırat Tanış and Rıza Kocaoğlu, she took a special shoot for Şamdan Plus magazine in Istanbul with the dust of her feet.

Seda Bakan, who gave special poses for the magazine, also made candid statements in her interview. Bakan asked, ‘What stage of your life are you in right now? How is life going?’ she answered the question as follows; “I am actually very happy. Everything is fine, the shooting of the last series has just been completed. Ads and other work in progress. I can spare time for both my baby and my family.

Working always makes me feel good. We worked on Cunda Island this summer for a digital platform. It feels good to work in such a lovely environment in another place other than Istanbul. The weather was good. People were nice. We both worked and had fun.”

Saying, “Whether you want it or not, whether you try to plan it, you live on your own,” said Seda Bakan, “Because we have no chance to interfere with some things. I am a fatalistic person, I am a believer. When I set out on a road, I plan and try to do my best, if it happens afterwards, it is a must. “Why not? I will never have an attitude like “I will always do it,” she said.

Definition of happiness for Seda Bakan; Being healthy. The beautiful actress said, “Some can be happy with anything and everything. She is happy with the smell of linden and cake in the house, some from driving an expensive car, some from her shoe collection.

Some people are happy to not spend their money and keep it on the sidelines. The definition of happiness differs for everyone. I know myself well. Maybe this is because of my job and because I always listen to myself. I am honestly happy to be healthy. I am happy to be at peace. For me, the most important thing is to be healthy and peaceful.”

The actress explained why she quit using Twitter with the following words; “I am not someone who has a problem with myself. I had a happy childhood, I grew up in a family that loves people. A real Turkish family. You know, on Twitter, we always say “No way, people can’t be that bad” or something…

That’s why I left Twitter. There were so many negative and malicious posts that I didn’t want to believe that people were that bad. This upsets my balance. That’s why I stay away from anything that is bad for me. I can’t believe that people can be that bad. Because I believe there is a balance in the world, ‘karma’.”

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