Seksenler series returns to TRT1 in a very different way!
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2 October 2022 09:27


Seksenler series returns to TRT1 in a very different way!

There is good news for the fans who are curious about the Seksenler series, which meets with the audience as a weekly series on TRT1 screens during the summer.

In the announcement made by TRT1, it was informed that the series will be screened again. Series fans are wondering what kind of comeback it will be. Seksenler, which was broadcast as a weekly series in the summer, is expected to return to the daily production format.

The character of Pastry Sami, played by Berat Yenilmez in the series Seksenler, which is expected to be broadcast in 40-50 minute episodes before the news on weekdays in the near future, will also attract attention as the headman in the new season.

The return of İlker Ayrık to the series with the summer season after 4 years made the fans happy. You will also be able to see İlker Ayrık with the character of Çağatay in the episodes that will be broadcast in the winter period as a daily series format.

In addition, it was understood that Zeynep Demirel will continue her role, with her image in the trailer. Reha Özcan, who participated in the series in the summer, was not included in the trailer. Will the actor continue in the project or did he say goodbye to this question?

Here is the first trailer for the winter season of the Seksenlerseries:

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