Separation uncertainty in the series of Masumlar Apartmanı!
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5 December 2022 06:55


Separation uncertainty in the series of Masumlar Apartmanı!

Masumlar Apartmanı, which is broadcast on TRT1 screens, continues on its way with firm steps. The series, which continues to receive good ratings, also makes TRT1 proud with the first places it has achieved. The 40th new episode of the series will air on Tuesday, September 28 at 20:00. In the new episode, you will witness the helplessness of the brothers. The character of Hikmet, played by Metin Çoşkun, comes face to face with death.

Judging by the 40th episode trailer of the series, there is no hope. However, it may be the opposite corner, that is, the character of Hikmet may not die. There is still uncertainty about this issue. The brothers are very worried about the possibility of their father’s death. In the new episode, the emotional scenes that the audience will say, “Were we going to see this too” will affect everyone deeply.

Adapted from a real life story, Masumlar Apartmanı will once again lock the audience on the screen with its striking story. What will happen this week in the Masumlar Apartmanı, whose new episodes are eagerly awaited? Here are all the details: While the brothers are shaken by the fear of losing their father, they also drown in the despair of not being able to reach Han. While Gülben and Neriman continue to wait anxiously at the hospital, support for Safiye at home comes from someone she never expected. Finally, news reaches Han, but Han does not give the expected reaction from him.

Knowing that Neriman did not enroll in the school, Rüya takes the lead in this matter as well. On the other hand, she continues to try every way to make Han and Anıl accept herself. While Safiye is struggling with her problems and fears, she gets up again with a phone call.

Gülben, who is hopeful that Han will not be able to stand to leave them alone after all, will return, when she goes to talk to him, he confronts the truth and takes a radical step. When she returns home, a big surprise awaits her.

The new episode of “Masumlar Apartmanı”, a masterpiece adapted from the heartbreaking stories of real lives, is on TRT 1 on Tuesday, September 28 at 20:00:

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