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23 May 2022 22:50


Serdar Ortaç’s love confession, which has been spoken for days, has been answered by Cansu Dere, the Asya of Sadakatsiz!

Cansu Dere, who is one of the leading roles in Kanal D’s TV series “Sadakatsiz” by Medyapım, which is broadcast on Wednesdays, is one of the most popular actresses on the screen.

In January, the social media was shaken by the bomb love confession of the famous singer Serdar Ortaç, and there was no statement from Cansu Dere. The famous singer sang the song “Nehir Gözlüm” in the program “Şarkılar Bizi Söyler”, which she participated as a guest, and then made a confession.

“I wrote this song for Cansu Dere when I was 20 years old. Cansu will destroy me, but I was in love with the woman. She had no idea, it was a platonic love. She went her own way, she. I thought I’d write a song for Cansu. I wrote Nehir Gözlüm to the woman,” he said.

Cansu Dere, Berkay Ateş, Melis Sezen and Tarık Emir Tekin, who are among the actors of the TV series “Sadakatsiz”, were seen at the Arnavutköy Sur Balık exit, where they went to have dinner between the sets.

Experienced actress Cansu Dere must have felt the questions from the reporters, saying, “They are waiting on the set. But she did not leave the questions unanswered.

Regarding her confession that came years after Serdar Ortaç, Cansu Dere said, “What can I say now… But I guess it’s not, I’m following you too. I have no idea.” While making her comment, she also stated that she did not listen to the song and put an end to the rumors.

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