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5 July 2022 17:06


Sevda Erginci, the name of the naive roles, will break new ground! El Kız’s Ezo will surprise you!

Sevda Erginci, one of the names followed with interest in recent years, came to the fore with the character of Zeynep in the Yasak Elma series. The actress, who is in the most important period of her career, gave life to the character of Turna in the historical production called Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu last season.

The actress, who is now enjoying the holiday and storing energy for the new season, signed with the Fox TV series El Kızı. Erginci, who will share the lead role with İsmail Ege Şaşmaz, will meet her fans with a very different character. Erginci, who also attracted attention with her new image reflected on her Instagram account, will appear in the series as Ezo, which was a matter of curiosity.

The actress we will watch as Ezo will be a character who has been orphaned since her childhood and grew up with great pain. It is known that Erginci already acts very good roles in drama productions. The character Ezo will also take a role in which the actress can show herself.

Ezo, a woman who grew up without love, will attract attention with her irritability and surprise with her vengeful nature. Considering the naive roles that Sevda Erginci has acted so far, these combative moments will be a first for the audience. Just as Ezo is about to marry Harun Karasu, a life-changing development will occur. With the inheritance from her father, Ezo’s life will change a lot.

Preparations for the new Fox TV series El Kızı have come to the final stage. A series of preparations are being made in the province of Muğla for the series, which will be directed by Feride Kaytan.

It is expected that the shooting will start in August and the El Kız series will meet with the audience in September.

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