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24 May 2022 03:47


Sevda Erginci’s farewell to Ezo in the series Elkızı upset her fans!

A strong drama story is told in the TV series Elkızı, which was shot in Muğla and starring Sevda Erginci and İsmail Ege Şaşmaz in the leading roles, broadcast on Fox TV.

The TV series started very ambitious, Sevda Erginci received great acclaim with her performance, but the series could not reach the expected rating. The final decision has been made for Elkızı series, which has 10 episodes so far.

Elkızı will make the final with its 13th episode. This news made the fans of the Elkızı series very unhappy. Sevda Erginci, who gave life to the character of “Ezo” in the series, said goodbye to her character and the series with her shares on her Instagram account.

The actress, who received the ‘Good Luck Ezo’ note for her sharing, shared her photos from the set with her co-stars one after the other. As of the 13th episode of Elkızı series, the screen life will be completed.

Another decision of the channel management was to take a break from the series. Elkızı, which was not broadcast on January 1, will not be on the screen on January 8. The audience will watch the competition program named Maske Kimsin Sen instead of El Kızı.

In the trailer broadcast from Fox TV, it is seen that Elkızı series will be broadcast with its 11th episode on Saturday, January 15th at 20:00.

However, if Maske Kimsin Sen contest is successful, the channel management may broadcast the series after the competition program on the grounds that it can get better ratings.

Elkızı, which is visible for now, will be on the screen with its 11th episode on Saturday, January 15th at 20:00. On the other hand, many comments were made under Sevda Erginci’s posts by her fans, stating that they were sad about the final decision.

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