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6 July 2022 10:57


Şevval Sam, Eda Ece and Nesrin Cavadzade are starting a new adventure at Forbidden Fruit!

Everything changed after the 85th episode of the Forbidden Fruit series, which was screened on Fox TV on Monday nights! With Talat Bulut, who played Halit Argun from the series, with the departure of 5 characters, the challenge was left to Şahika-Ender and Yıldız, played by Şevval Sam, Eda Ece and Nesrin Cavadzade! While the struggle of the three women with each other is not over, they start another adventure in the next episodes!

Ender, who worries everyone by saying that Halit has not died in the series for a while, finally goes to jail when something goes wrong! Moreover, by taking Yıldız! In fact, everything starts with Şahika telling Zehra that Ender and Yıldız pushed Halit from the ladder.

In the new episode, we will witness the prison days of three women with the arrival of Şahika. In the new season episode promotion of the series, the scenes of three characters in prison were included and everyone was surprised.

It was not understood why they were imprisoned, but in the 92nd episode, which will be published next week, Şahika-Ender and Yıldız will go to prison.

Şahika reports the two women, but whatever happens, she falls in the same place. While Şahika, where Yıldız fought hair to hair, is pushed aside, it is seen that Ender and Yıldız are collaborating again.

Here, the photographs of three actors fell on the agenda of social media in front of the prison plateau prepared for the shooting of these scenes. Eda Ece and Şevval Sam shared the photo below on their instagram page.

Here are the joyful moments behind the camera of three actors who started a new adventure at Forbidden Fruit….

Here is the introduction to the 92nd episode:

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