Artists News Şevval Sam has a big problem, but she is delaying it because of the series!

Şevval Sam has a big problem, but she is delaying it because of the series!


Famous actress Şevval Sam is having a very successful period in the Yasak Elma series, which is broadcast on Monday evenings. The actress, who stands out with the Ender character in the series, which has been on the screen for five seasons, enchants her fans with this character, who is a phenomenon with her exaggerated attitudes.

The new episode of the Yasak Elma series, which has been on hiatus for two weeks, will continue to meet with the audience as of Monday, January 17. Şevval Sam, who was displayed in a shopping mall, said that she had a meniscus and that her knees hurt because of this.

Şevval Sam, said, “Actually, I need to have an operation,” has to postpone her surgery due to the intensity of the Yasak Elma TV series. The actress, who made a great sacrifice for the series, said, “I can’t find time at this pace.”

The actress, who suffered from pain in her knee because she did not have time and was waiting for a suitable time for surgery, will continue to live with this discomfort because she works hard and cannot leave her work.

The actress, who entered the year 2022 by performing on stage in Sapanca and telling that she had fun while doing her job, reminded that they took a break from the shooting of the series due to coronavirus cases.

Şevval Sam, “We will go on the set again when it comes back negative,” said that many people around her got coronavirus.

Explaining that she did not catch the virus, Şevval Sam said, “There were a lot of people on the set. The children are in quarantine, I am traveling. Maybe it’s because I’m well fed,” she said.