Two actors from the theater are participating in the Sadakatsiz series!
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24 March 2023 09:57


Two actors from the theater are participating in the Sadakatsiz series!

The cast of the Kanal D series “Sadakatsiz” is expanding. The two actors who will join the story in the popular TV series of Kanal D will affect the life of the character of Ali, played by Alp Akar.

In the role of the mother and father of Ali’s girlfriend, the son of Asya, two theater-based actors join the cast of the TV series Sadakatsiz. One of these actors is Gizem Ünsal and the other is Deniz Karaoğlu… Gizem Ünsal, who was born in 1990, has recently acted in the movie called Bize Müsaade, with the TV series Yarım Kalan Aşklar and Ölüm Kime Yakışır.

Sadakatsiz was an important opportunity for the young actress.

Deniz Karaoğlu, on the other hand, was born in 1982 and is known for his theater background. The actor, who took part in TV series such as Arka Sokaklar, Şubat, Sekizinci Gün and Gülperi, was also among the script writers of the Ramo series.

Deniz Karaoğlu appeared with the character of Koma in the TV series Şubat in 2013, and gave life to the character of Kemal in the Sekizinci Gün series. It was also noteworthy that the actor took a break from the sets after the character of Ertuğrul in the Gülperi series.

Deniz Karaoğlu, who returned to the TV series with Sadakatsiz after 2018, became a partner with Gizem Ünsal.

The duo will add color to the story as the parents of Ali’s girlfriend.

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