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6 July 2022 20:33


Sharing that disturbs Caner Cindoruk, the Volkan of the Sadakatsiz series!

Famous actor Caner Cindoruk is one of the names that add value to the projects she has been involved in recently. After giving a strong performance in the women’s series, the actor, who started the series Sadakatsiz last season, again enchanted his fans with his impressive performance.

Caner Cindoruk, who is a very good TV series couple with Cansu Dere, went to rest after the first season of the series was completed at the beginning of June. The famous actor spends his holiday in Çeşme.

Headlines are very important in internet news, and Onedio resorted to word games to catch the headline of a news story including Caner Cindoruk. The famous actor, on the other hand, reproached this situation and responded on his twitter account. The headline of the news was: “They Have Taken the Industry! Almost All of Caner Cindoruk’s Family, Growing Up in Difficulties, Are Actors”

In fact, this title seems like a title that was put forward by highlighting Caner Cindoruk in order to arouse curiosity and make more people click. However, the famous actor must have found the phrase “They have taken over the industry” too exaggerated, and he drew attention with the following answer:
“Yes, we are actors as a family, but we did not take over the industry.”

Reminding that Caner Cindoruk’s father, Zafer Doruk, worked as a peddler, craftsman, and tradesman, but won the Orhan Kemal Story Award twice, the news also included messages from the famous actor’s former interviews.

Caner Cindoruk, who states that art is in his family’s life despite all the difficulties, started his career by working and bringing money to the house during his school years.

Caner, who became a professional actor at the age of 17 and worked with his uncle Erdal Cindoruk at Adana City Theater, managed to change his life thanks to this.

Erdal Cindoruk is also a famous name who started the theater at the age of 14 and achieved his career ladder by scraping it with his nails.

Also in the family, Taner Cindoruk preferred the acting profession like his brother and uncle. The youngest brother, Minur Can Cindoruk, draws attention as the only conservatory student among the siblings.

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