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6 July 2022 17:14


He left the Savaşçı and went to the Yasak Elma, is there a separation from Berk Oktay again!

Famous actor Berk Oktay is one of the names that have performed successfully in recent years… The actor, who acted the character of Kağan Bozok for 4 seasons in the Savaşçı TV series, gained a large fan base thanks to this production.

Saying goodbye to the project after the disagreements before the 5th season of the Savaşçı series, Berk Oktay made a big surprise and joined the Yasak Elma series with the character of Çağatay. It was revealed in June that the famous actor made the right decision.

The 5th season of the Savaşçıseries, without Berk Oktay, received low ratings and completed its screen life. However, with the high ratings it achieved, the Yasak Elma was again an important success by getting the approval of the fifth season.

A separation claim was made for Berk Oktay, who got used to the Yasak Elma series with the character of Çağatay, and the audience was pleased with his performance. While many names said goodbye to the Yasak Elma series, the allegations that Berk Oktay was among those who left were reflected on social media.

However, the famous actor sprinkled water in the hearts of his fans with his statement that denied these claims.

Berk Oktay, who was seen in the shopping mall the other day, said that the allegations that he will leave the series are not true. Expressing that there will be other separations in the series, the actor emphasized that he will continue to be in the squad in the fifth season.

After Nesrin Cavadzade, it was revealed that Erdal Özyağcılar, Şafak Pekdemir and Barış Kılıç broke up. Later, Gülenay Kalkan was added to these names…

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