Artists News She spent 26 hours on the set, the rating anxiety never ended! Big confessions from Sevda Erginci!

She spent 26 hours on the set, the rating anxiety never ended! Big confessions from Sevda Erginci!


After the series Elkızı, Sevda Erginci, who also appeared on the screen with the summer series Seni Kalbime Sakladım (I Saved You To My Heart) in the same season, had the misfortune of both projects making an early finale. The famous actress may have performed well, but she could not find what she expected.

Standing out with her drama performance in the Elkızı series, the actress took part in the romantic comedy series for the first time in the project Seni Kalbime Sakladım. These happy moments of Sevda Erginci, who was happy to take part in this project and felt good because she was doing something different from drama, ended sadly. The actress also expressed her discomfort with the early finale of the series with some suggestive words.

Sevda Erginci was also on the agenda with a youtube video where she answered the questions of Hakan Gence, one of the writers of Hürriyet newspaper. Emphasizing that acting is not an easy job, Erginci said that the social point of view that they are both famous and earn good money easily is not correct.

The actress explained: “It’s never easy. I know that I spent 26 hours non-stop on set. I know that I spent 26 hours on the set, constantly playing without breathing, with a constant high energy. Who can bear such a thing?”

Explaining that she also experienced the psychological effects of this situation, Sevda Erginci mentioned that the actors had the highest rating anxiety. Emphasizing that this is the most scary psychologically, Erginci used the following statements:

“I think the scariest thing psychologically is rating anxiety. With great excitement, with great happiness, you meet a character that you want to play very much. You start a story that you want to be in. You shoot for months, you shoot in very difficult conditions. Then you go on the air and they say ‘rating’. You wish to rise above other jobs, the people who make money from that job. It’s too scary to even wish that. Welcome to real life.”

Expressing that the rating anxiety is very intense for the actors, Sevda Erginci emphasized that while doing a successful job, it is natural that the rival jobs also fail.

The actress said, “You are waiting for someone to have your bread, actually to be successful. Let’s all get our slices of this cake, it’s not going to be sweet. Just to have thought and wished for it, I think, is a terrible thing. It is also difficult to deal with the psychology of what will you do with that failure state if you can’t be successful. The scariest rating concern.”