Shock to the 'Nalan' of 'Camdaki Kız'! After Kerem Bürsin, Burcu Biricik's Instagram account was also closed!
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1 February 2023 11:42


Shock to the ‘Nalan’ of ‘Camdaki Kız’! After Kerem Bürsin, Burcu Biricik’s Instagram account was also closed!

Famous actor Kerem Bürsin’s Instagram account, which has 9 million followers, was recently closed. Following the closure of his account, the actress’s followers showered Bürsin with questions on the subject on Twitter.

In response to the comments he received, Bürsin stated that he wanted help from Instagram by saying, “I don’t know what happened.” After Bürsin, the Instagram account of the famous actress Burcu Biricik was also closed. Burcu Biricik, who gained great acclaim with her character “Nalan” in the TV series “Camdaki Kız”, has not yet made a statement about the closure of her Instagram account, which has millions of followers.

Such a situation is happening for the 2nd time, as a different event, following the increase in recent days, theft of accounts by fraudsters or the opening of fake accounts by these people.

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