Series News Songul Öden’s new role has been announced

Songul Öden’s new role has been announced


She will portray the role of Gertrude Bell in Payitaht Abdulhamid’s tv series …

Payitaht Abdulhamid being broadcast on TRT 1 screens in Turkey.

The series tells the life of the Ottoman Sultan Abdülhamid.

Songül Öden is a well-known female actress in Silver series all over the world.

Songül Öden will take part in the Payitaht Abdulhamid lineup.

Actress will participate in the 42nd episode and will give life to the character of ‘Gertrude Bell’ bearing the nickname ‘Desert Folks’.

Who is Gertrude Bell?

Gertrude Bell is a very intelligent, beautiful, and a first-class graduate of the University of Oxford who, despite being one of England’s elite daughters, has set an independent lifestyle. She was determined to continue her life as an archaeologist who is closely related to history and politics, knows 7 languages, and left deep traces in the geography of the Middle East.

Turning back to the experience of her elite family and privileged surroundings, Bell’s independent spiritual adventure in the Desert of Arabia, which she first began as a traveler, dragged him to the area of ​​British intelligence services in the First World War, along with excavations in that area and her closeness to the Arab world.

For fans of Songul Öden prepared birthday video…