Series News Tears will flood in the new part of Bride Of Istanbul

Tears will flood in the new part of Bride Of Istanbul


The new episode will be quite sad after Begüm’s sudden death in Bride Of Istanbul, which was broadcast on Star TV on Saturday nights. Oya Dogan from Vatan Newspaper gives the following tips about the new chapter:

“Prepare handkerchiefs for the Bride Of Istanbul !

Bride Of Istanbul is one of the most stable series ever since the beginning of last season … She is always at the top of the EU and ABC1 categories. The story is so complete that we are making a move where we do not understand how the episode went. Especially I think that this season’s script makes the right moves, the dialogues really make the characters live. With the opening of the story of the side characters, a job we receive a lot of drama taste …

Already the director Zeynep Günay Tan is master on this issue! It is a secret hero who allows us to love every character of Time Flies. The final part of the screen this week suffered the final. Because Begüm died and said goodbye. The order remained without a mother. This will change the situation of the place. Because there is Süreyya who dreams of motherhood. Emir on the other side without mother … This seems to be the pills of a dual. But first the Emir’s suffering will come. We will cry very much in the section that will come to the screen on Friday evening … Prepare handkerchiefs! “