The actors' laughing crisis in the TV series Mr. Wrong
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29 November 2022 20:30


The actors’ laughing crisis in the TV series Mr. Wrong

Behind-the-scenes footage has been released from Episode 11 of the TV series Mr. Wrong. The images that shed light on what happened behind the scenes of the series are quite entertaining.

Can Yaman’s excited attitudes during the stage shootings of Gürgen Öz make the audience laugh a lot. In addition to the moments that make Özge Gürel laugh, it is not unnoticed that the team has a laughing crisis while shooting some scenes.

Continuing its journey on Friday evenings with the successful harmony of Özge Gürel and Can Yaman duo, the series is in a race with series of different concepts. Mr. Wrong, the only romantic comedy series on Friday evenings, has to go head to head with tough opponents.

Behind-the-scenes footage of the Mr. Wrong series also increases the loyalty of the audience and plays an important role in keeping the interest in the series alive.

Here are the behind-the-scenes footage from Episode 11 of Mr. Wrong:

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