Artists News The praise of Engin Akyürek from The Ambassador’s Daughter!

The praise of Engin Akyürek from The Ambassador’s Daughter!


Engin Akyürek brings the character of Sancar to life in the TV series The Ambassador’s Daughter, broadcast on Star TV on Monday evenings. While the actor attracts attention with his successful performance, he also works in harmony with his friends on the set.

The second season of The Ambassador’s Daughter, which is still being shot in Bodrum, has also started and the audience is following each new episode with excitement. The friendship environment of the team also draws attention in this period when criticisms of violence against women came to the fore.

Hivda Zizan Alp, who gave life to the Elvan character, had a great opportunity with The Ambassador’s Daughter series. The actress, who made her name known to the masses, also said pleasant words about Engin Akyürek on the question from social media.

“How does it feel to work with Engin Akyürek?” Answering the question, Hivda Zizan Alp praised her co-star with the following words:

“He is one of the most moral and hardworking actors I know. I am very lucky to have worked with him, to convey the feeling of brother-sisterhood to him on TV. ”