Artists News The audience rewinds and watches that scene in Yasak Elma again!

The audience rewinds and watches that scene in Yasak Elma again!

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In Yasak Elma series, the screenwriters continue to surprise the audience with effective stories… The series, which started the fifth season with average ratings, made an attack after falling behind Kalp Yarası series and now started to win the first place. The biggest reason for this is the developments in the story.

Yıldız character, played by Eda Ece, learned about forbidden love and made a big revenge plan. Here, the screenwriters, who elaborated this plan very delicately, exhibit all kinds of exaggerations so that the story surprises the audience even after all this time.

In fact, Yasak Elma is a production that makes fun of itself, presents absurd events that are not accepted to be experienced in life, that looks like a drama, but actually shows an absurd comedy performance.

Some of the events in the series also happen in real life. In fact, what happens in real life can often be so absurd as to search for the stories in Yasak Elma… Here, the screenwriters of the series, who used this situation well, prepared a surprise for Monday, October 25th.

In the 117th episode, the fans of the series liked the scene where Yıldız took revenge for the forbidden love. The one who watched the 1-minute trailer once needs to go back and watch it a few more times. Because Yıldız celebrates the end of her marriage with a party and announces the forbidden love in front of everyone at this party.

The audience found this scene in the series very striking and the excitement for the new episode peaked. Social media users make comments stating that they rewind and watch the trailer again and are surprised every time they see it.

A series of fans who left comments saying, “What did I watch, guys,” made the following statements: “My hand is on my face. Screenwriter, you showed right and hit left. What is that? Super. Ah, self-righteous Dove, that’s how you stare. You underestimated Yildiz too much.”

Another series fan made her smile with the following comment: “The trailer will not change after watching it a hundred times, I just wanted to know.”

Some viewers, who stated that they had goosebumps, commented that they could not stand it and watched the trailer over and over. Here is the trailer that the audience can’t get enough of: