Artists News TRT1’s Gönül Dağı series offered a great opportunity to Zümre Meğreli and Güliz Aybay!

TRT1’s Gönül Dağı series offered a great opportunity to Zümre Meğreli and Güliz Aybay!

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Güliz Aybay is a young actress and attracted attention with her TV series Gönül Dağı. In recent years, one of the productions that has brought young actors to the fore on the screen is Gönül Dağı and the other is my brothers. Both series are broadcast on Saturday evenings and the young people in the cast have become very popular.

Güliz Aybay also attracted everyone’s attention with the character of Zeynep in the TV series Gönül Dağı on TRT1 screen. The character of Zeynep, who participated in the story with her visit to her sister Elif, who is a nurse, managed to attract attention even though she had few scenes.

Zeynep and Elif are two brothers with a broken heart. Because her parents left them and went to Germany. The siblings, who were raised by their grandmother, were orphaned by her death. Two characters in such a pathetic position in the story actually created a great opportunity for the two young actors.

Zümre Meğreli is already one of the rising star candidates of the series with the character of Elif. Güliz Aybay managed to show herself as Zeynep.

Stating that she loves her job, Güliz Aybay stated that art has a healing power for her. The young actress said, “I would like to take part in works that have a true story and that have problems in my future works. Lastly, the short film that deals with the refugee problem in which I took part was very valuable for me in this sense.”

Explaining that a good team was formed in the series, which continues to be shot in Eskişehir, the actress stated that it is difficult to shoot a TV series in a different city from where she lives.

Güliz Aybay said, “It was very difficult for me to get used to the cold of Eskişehir, especially at first, but we work with the happiness of doing a very good job with a nice team. Since we have a busy schedule, we try to get together with our teammates whenever we can.”

The actress, who reads books when she finds free time, also likes watching movies and doing sports. Stating that she also writes stories as an amateur, Güliz Aybay does her best to improve herself.