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6 July 2022 09:58


The Baş Belası series is in trouble with the ratings!

It became a prominent production with its subject and actors in the series Baş Belası, which was broadcast on ATV on Sunday evening. The series, which caught the eye as a detective comedy of the summer months, soon found widespread support on social media. should be noted.

The series of Baş Belası, starring İrem Helvacıoğlu and Seçkin Özdemir, has been remembered with the comments that it has not received the attention it deserves since the day it started… Indeed, the project is successful and there is a script that flows very well. The harmony and high energies of the leading actors also add strength to the series.

However, not everything is going well for the audience. The desire to make more promotions for the series of Baş Belası and to increase the number of viewers by being announced in different channels is reflected in social media messages. The reason for this is that the audience who loves the series believes that if the viewing rates do not increase, it will not be able to compete with strong opponents in the winter season.

Even if the low ratings of the series continue for the summer months, it’s okay. However, with September, the problems will suddenly increase. That’s why, on Sunday evenings, there is a group of viewers waiting for ATV to announce Baş Belası to a wider audience, while there is no longer a competing series.

In fact, the fans of this series are not considered unfair… Because with the 4th episode of the Baş Belası, he also revealed that he her a problem with the ratings. The falling rates in all categories caused alarm bells to ring… Don’t be fooled by the fact that the series is 3rd in all people and AB group, and 4th in ABC1. Troublemaker her one of the low rates among the TV series broadcast on the summer screen…

The 5th episode of the Baş Belası series, which will be broadcast on Sunday, July 18, is very important at this point. The show no longer her a rival. 2 weeks ago Kefaret changed days. Last night, Menajerimi Ara made the final. On Sunday evenings, Baş Belası will be alone in front of the TV series audience.

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