The best gift of her career came to Deniz Işın from Onur Ünlü!
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1 October 2022 14:52


The best gift of her career came to Deniz Işın from Onur Ünlü!

When the famous actress Deniz Işın participated in the TV series Sefirin Kızı, she delighted her fans. Deniz Işın, who showed a good acting, shone in the series in a short time, but her short role in the story upset everyone.

However, Deniz Işın, who continued to be on the screen last season with a new role in the production of the drama called Innocence, made a strong impression with her successful performance. The actress has become a prominent and shining star recently.

As a fruit of this success, Deniz Işın, who managed to impress millions of TV series fans in a short time, was offered the lead role in the TV series Leyla ileMecnun.

Deniz Işın, who took the lead role with Mecnun acted by Ali Atay in the re-shot for Exxen, talked about her joy in an interview with Hürriyet newspaper.

Explaining the proposal process and her experiences, Deniz Işın was extremely pleased that director Onur Ünlü preferred her.

Deniz Işın said, “One day they called my agency and said that Onur Ünlü wanted a test shoot for ‘Leyla ile Mecnun’. I was very surprised because I love to do comedy. That day, I took a shot and sent it. Onur wanted to meet the next day. I was in Izmir when I heard that I had been selected for the role. I immediately called everyone I loved most, I was very happy,” she said.

Stating that she is not a fan of the Leyla ile Mecnun series, the actress said that she knows the series with various videos from time to time.

Giving the information that she has mastered the subject, the actress also stated that she was told that it is better not to be a fan of the series. Deniz Işın said, “Because the character of Leyla looks at the other characters in the series from a more external perspective.”

Giving an idea about how Leyla’s character will be in the new episodes, the actress said: “Am I Mecnun’s Leyla? How am I? Am I good or am I bad? This is a bit of a story where they try to unravel Leyla’s inner world.”

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