Series News My Dangerous Wife series is running out

My Dangerous Wife series is running out


The fact that My Dangerous Wife line is final is described by many as ‘very pity’.

It was surprising that the series, which will come to the screen in the final part of the week, gets low ratings while attracting attention to different stories and acting.

Oya Dogan from Vatan Newspaper, especially in terms of acting, how do you comment on the series:

“My dangerous wife is saying goodbye on Sunday evening, sometimes a project looks very good on paper, but I can not reach the audience on the screen, but it does not lose its good sides. My Dangerous Wife is a work that Gonca Vuslateri’s acting is brighter for me. It was a project we watched differently and the series ended its broadcast life but when Vuslateri was taken over, Özdemir’s player moved to another scale. “