The duet of Gonca Vuslateri and Deniz Seki left their mark on social media!
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4 February 2023 18:56


The duet of Gonca Vuslateri and Deniz Seki left their mark on social media!

The talented actress Gonca Vuslateri, who has not been on the screen for a while, continues to be on the agenda with her social media posts.

The actress, who enchants her followers with her videos that reflect her life energy, made a duet with the famous singer, taking advantage of the visit of her close friend, singer Deniz Seki, and shared these moments with her followers on her Instagram account.

The clip-like video of the duo was highly appreciated by the fans. Sharing Gonca Vuslateri; “I am at home because of the annoying issues that have been on my agenda for days. But my close friend came as a surprise to me.. I also took myself on vacation to the songs of Deniz Seki, which I love.. For those who have millet friends.. @denizseki It was a super crackpot.. exist!” Wrote.

The shares of Gonca Vuslateri did not end there. The actress enchanted her fans by sharing the dance video she made in the trailer on the set of the movie, Everything Included, in Datçada, in which she shared the lead role with Gürgen Öz 2 months ago, on her Instagram account.

The actress’ partner, Gürgen Öz, also shared Vuslateri’s dance video on his page and said, “What was the set atmosphere in the movie we shot?” he asked humorously.

Many followers of the actress carried Gonca Vuslateri’s post to their own page and thanked the talented actress for instilling life energy into them.

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