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20 May 2022 20:52


The effect of the last decision taken in the series Kaderimin Oyunu is felt in the ratings!

10 episodes of the series, Kaderimin Oyunu which was broadcast on Friday evenings, are left behind… Fans, who eagerly await the new episodes of the series starring Akın Akınözü, Öykü Karayel and Sarp Apak, experienced a great relief with the latest news…

Despite the fact that the series “Kaderimin Oyunu” started with good ratings, the later receding rates caused some uneasiness. There were even claims that the series could make a final on social media. However, Star TV made a very smart move and announced that it agreed with the producer for the second season.

After this decision, the fans of the series Kaderimin Oyunu were greatly relieved and the audience, who thought that the series might end but would not want to continue, was won.

The episode of series, which was broadcast on Friday, February 25th, finished the day in ninth place with a rating above the average. Despite the slightly below-average ratings in the AB category, it was ranked eighth.

In the ABC1 group, the average rates were achieved and the seventh place came… For now, things are going well for the Kaderimin Oyunu, one of the productions that reached the best ratings among the programs broadcast by Star TV.

The fact that the series was sold to more than 10 countries was also one of the reasons why Star TV wanted to continue the story. The interest in the series is increasing especially in Arab countries and Latin America, and it is expected that new people will join the countries where the series will be broadcast.

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