Series News The envious success of the Wounded Birds series!

The envious success of the Wounded Birds series!


The Wounded Birds series, which met with the audience last season, was brought to the screen by Kanal D in the daytime. Wounded Birds, which stands out as a daily series, made the final with its 165th episode.

The series, which started on April 1, 2019, made its final on November 29, 2019. So Kanal D could not stand the series for a long time. Kanal D’s final decision was also a bit controversial. Because the series was sure to attract great attention abroad, and it was like that.

Wounded Birds, distributed by Eccho Rights, continues to attract attention abroad. The series, marketed under the name Wounded Birds, will meet with the audience in Mexico.

Imagen TV, one of the channels that broadcast the most Turkish TV series, also bought the rights of the Scared Birds series.

Lisa Wegscheider, who is responsible for the sales and purchases of Eccho Rights in Latin America, said: “Broadcasters in Latin America have closely followed the success of Wounded Birds in the region and we believe the series will continue to attract buyers.”