Wounded Birds series was a great success!
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23 March 2023 04:36


Wounded Birds series was a great success!

The daily series Wounded Birds, which started on April 1, 2019 on Kanal D screen, managed to remain on the 165th episode in total. Since the series did not see the expected attention, only one season could remain on the screen. Young names such as Gizem Arıkan, Emre Mete Sönmez, Ali Yasin Özegemen, Ayşen İnci, Özgür Özberk, Elif Erol and Melis Cemre Çınar were featured in the leading series on November 29, 2019.

Wounded Birds, composed by Murat Evgin, were shot in 55 minutes by Stellar Production. Sequence see the expected interest in Turkey. The continuation of 165 episodes was the result of the efforts of a considerable audience.

Wounded Birds series in Turkey, but was unable to find it expects great interest in the series in South America. Wounded Birds, distributed by Eccho Rights, has become a highly popular Turkish series in South American countries.

Barbora Suster, the company’s representative for Latin America, pointed out that the series of Wounded Birds they represent has achieved significant success in the region.

Following this success of Wounded Birds, the Northern Star and the The Promise series were purchased by many countries in the region.

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