The expected news came from Maria and Mustafa series
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1 October 2022 02:17


The expected news came from Maria and Mustafa series

For the TV series Maria and Mustafa, the team met in Ürgüp. It was announced with the shared photo that the series started shooting. This news from the series, which is expected with curiosity and excitement, delights fans.

The project, in which Hilmi Cem İntepe, Jessica May and Tamer Levent shared the leading roles, was meticulously prepared. Especially in the cast selection, a harmonious image was created. Master director Faruk Teber also sat on the director’s chair of the series.

Maria from Colombia to Turkey, Mustafa’s love affair with the heir to the famous family of Urgup … In the series; a high level of tension, impossibility and great difficulties will be brought to the screen in this love.

Apart from the leading actors of the series, the side characters were also formed from ambitious names.

Many successful actors such as Ezgi Çelik, Haki Biçici, Haldun Boysan and Hülya Gülşen are involved in the production. The series of Maria and Mustafa is in a production position that is expected to attract attention in the new season.

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