Series News The explosion of interest from abroad for the TV series Adım Farah can turn into a time bomb for Fox TV!

The explosion of interest from abroad for the TV series Adım Farah can turn into a time bomb for Fox TV!


Adım Farah (My name is Farah) series, which Turkish TV series viewers do not chase after that much, is in the mood of a production that hovers around the middle when its ratings are taken into consideration. However, the adoption of the series, which the audience in Turkey did not attribute that much meaning, revealed a very striking situation.

The story of the series starring Engin Akyürek and Demet Özdemir, and the attention on social media reveal that the compliments from abroad for the performance of the actors have reached a frenzy. Showing such great devotion to a Turkish TV series is something we have seen examples of before. However, there is a contradiction revealed by the fact that Adım Farah shines abroad before he can shine in Turkey.

Turkish TV series viewers have such a rich portfolio that it is no longer easy to endear them to every story. However, this situation is very different for millions of people who watch Turkish TV series in foreign countries. After liking a TV series, there is a large audience that includes that series in their lives.

Here is the most important indicator of this contradiction, that the “Adım Farah” series, although seen as an ordinary project in Turkey, has reached a point that is blessed by the audience abroad.

For both Engin Akyürek and Demet Özdemir fans, the project, which is expected to complete the first season with its 14th episode, is like a masterpiece. However, the situation is very different for viewers in Turkey. A production in which a choice is made among many alternatives, but when the ratings are looked at, it is in the middle of the list of choices.

As a result of this explosion of interest abroad, there is a plan to continue up to 26 episodes for Adım Farah, which Fox TV decided to carry to the next season. However, if it were not for the frenzied interest shown by the audience abroad, this plan might not even have been possible.

An environment has emerged where ratings are important for Turkey, but do not make sense for TV series fans abroad. This is what made the “Adım Farah” series strong. For Fox TV, next season’s “Adım Farah” series may be the time bomb in your hand.

Because if the ratings drop even more, this will reduce Fox TV’s appetite to continue the series. However, if it is a bad decision, it will not produce a good result to break the hearts of large audiences abroad, who attribute great meaning to Turkish TV series this time.