Series News The fate of the Kasaba Doktoru series has been announced!

The fate of the Kasaba Doktoru series has been announced!


The Town Doctor (Kasaba Doktoru) series, broadcast on TRT1 screens, draws attention among the TV series that have recently started to appear on the screen. On the screen, where hospital-themed TV series were in demand, the Mucize Doktor (Miracle Doctor) series had a completely different atmosphere.

While saying goodbye to the screen of Fox TV’s popular series, it also upset the audience. The viewers of Kasaba Doktoru, another hospital themed TV series, satisfy this longing and connect to the screen with completely different characters and events with the new series.

Ozan Akbaba, one of the leading names in the series, appeared with a very different character under the name İlyas Çakırbeyli in ATV’s popular series Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz (The Bandits) Dfor 6 seasons. With his role in the TV series Kasaba Doktoru, he both surprised the audience and once again received appreciation for his acting.

Ozan Akbaba, who is one of the names that bears the burden of the series, comes to the fore with his role in the Kasaba Doktoru series as a name who successfully carries the responsibility of his role, and is talked about. In addition, the partnerships of Hazal Subaşı and Deniz Can Aktaş, the other two leading roles of the Kasaba Doktoru, and their performances in the series are also watched with admiration.

In the series, Dr. Ozan Akbaba, who plays Hakan Aydıner, recently celebrated his new age on the set. Born on June 9, 1982, the cake was cut between the shootings, and Ozan Akbaba entered his new age with the whole team working behind and in front of the camera on the set.

These pleasant moments gave all the employees a fun day after the shooting on the set of the series. Ozan Akbaba responded to the statements about whether the series will continue in the new season at this small party. Vulture also stated that they will shoot 2 more episodes and make the season finale and that new episodes will come to the screen in the middle or end of August.

The fact that the Kasaba Doktoru series will continue in the new season was a good news for the audience. In addition, the second good news is that the series is planned to start broadcasting before the September season. Some series are brought to the screen a few weeks before September, and thus the series, which enter the season with a few episodes ahead, also manage to attract more attention. It is understood that this tactic will also be applied for the Kasaba Doktoru series…

By the way, Ozan Akbaba, who came to the screen with a completely different role right after Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz, which is a phenomenon series, said: Those who know about İlyas return sad, wishing he had continued. All good things come to an end, now it’s going very well here too. The feedback is also good, everything is fine,” he said.

Ozan Akbaba, who gave life to a doctor, also underlined that medicine is a very difficult profession and stated that they saw this situation better with this project and that they had it over and over again…