The final claim in Baht Oyunu, whose ratings were very low, messed up!
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2 December 2022 05:12


The final claim in Baht Oyunu, whose ratings were very low, messed up!

Channel D’s Baht Oyunu, which started this summer and started to rise rapidly after being weak against its rival Ada Masalı for the first few weeks, earned the right to continue in the winter after the success it achieved during the summer months. However, with the emergence of the new season series, the throne of Baht Oyunu was shaken.

The first episode of Baht Oyunu, starring Cemre Baysel and Aytaç Şaşmaz, was broadcast on the same evening as Ada Masalı at the beginning of summer. For the first few weeks, Baht Oyunu lagged behind its rival. However, after a short while, he managed to outwit its opponent with its attack and became the most popular TV series of the summer months.

The rating success of Baht Oyunu continued throughout the summer. Until the new season series starts. Masumlar Apartmanı, one of the most ambitious TV series of the screen, and the new series Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey, which started to be broadcast on the same evening, dethroned Baht Oyunu.

When the Baht Oyunu ratings were very low, it was claimed that the final decision was made about the series. And this claim caused a great panic among the fans of the series. Viewers blamed the screenwriters for the drop in ratings of Baht Oyunu.

A viewer expressed his reaction to the screenwriters by saying, “I think the general stereotype of summer dramas with high ratings is that they do not see this scenario as long-term, so they make mistakes to prolong their nonsense.”

Another viewer wrote, “We wouldn’t be in this situation today if you had focused on the main characters instead of the ridiculous scenes of the supporting characters and revealed the truth, if you had given up the empty comedy and lies filled scenes.”

The audience of the Baht Oyunu expressed that they hoped that the final decision was not correct in their social media posts.

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