Series News The final of ‘My Dangerous Wife’ series was ridiculous

The final of ‘My Dangerous Wife’ series was ridiculous


Show TV is having a very unlucky period since the series this season. The series of ‘My Dangerous Wife’, which began to be ambitious with the players and the story, came to the screen last night, 6th and last part.

The series that brought together GoncaVuslateri, SeçkinÖzdemir, BigeÖnal and MustafaÜstündağ was very pleased with the audience, in fact, with the story of thriller called comedy.

The performance of the players was so good that the audience could not stop the knee. ‘My Dangerous Wife’, sadly, came to the screen with the 6th episode on the screen yesterday evening.

In social media, those who watch the series rebel against the fact that the index is removed from the top of the screen even though it is very popular.


In the last part, the story was a little bit cramped because it was so accelerated, but ‘My Dangerous Wife’, which is a different series, unfortunately had to say goodbye to the screen.

In the social media, the audience is expressing their sadness because of the fact that they are doing so fast. Due to the difference in many of the sequel’s on the screen, the series was divided, unfortunately the staff was good but the ratings failed to hold and the 6 episodes could only stand