Series News What happened to the ‘Valley of the Wolves’ series?

What happened to the ‘Valley of the Wolves’ series?


The ‘Valley of the Wolves’ dreams of not returning to the days of publishing, when both the publisher and the producer have eaten plenty of bread, followed by curiosity, followed by storms, but not by the audience! How to see Mustafa Doğan from Haberturk Newspaper tells about the frustration experienced in the new era for the ‘Valley of the Wolves’ series, who missed that train:


This season, there was also a frustration on the front of a period of the phenomenological ‘Valley of the Wolves’.
The fate of the series has officially turned into a snake story.

NecatiŞaşmaz, who is also the producer of the directory, said, “We have completed our script. I hope that the ‘Valley of the Wolves: Chaos’ will begin to be broadcast on television like February, “he explained.

Then, ‘The Valley of the Wolves Chaos in February’ teaser’s published.

As a matter of fact, they did come “come” to the channels they were interviewing, but no one was there.

Let’s leave the branch, the apocalypse is finished, there is zero!

The train got out, the spell was broken once. ‘Valley of the Wolves: Vatan’ 634 thousand pieces of series evidence of this.

Channels are well aware of this and nobody was willing to publish the series on their own day and time on a million dollar budget.

A few years ago, nobody could have foreseen such a result for the wolves.

But the television world is like this, the day is coming, the old pines are becoming glasses! “