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22 May 2022 19:05


The first promotion came from Aslında Özgürsün, which brought together Bade İşil and Deniz Çakır!

The countdown has begun for the TV series Aslında Özgürsün (Actually You Are Free), which will be adapted from the novel of the same name by journalist and writer Duygu Asena, one of the pioneers of feminism in Turkey. The series, which will bring together Deniz Çakır and Bade İşil in the leading roles, will be broadcast on Gain TV. The first introduction from the series is very impressive.

The series, adapted from the novel by journalist writer Duygu Asena, who was one of the pioneers of women’s rights defenders in Turkey and died at the age of 40 in 2006, titled Aslında Özgürsün, will be screened on Gain TV very soon. The release date of the series is not yet known. However, the first presentation has arrived. This means that the TV series, Aslında Özgürsün, will meet with the audience very soon.

The story of the series, which will tell the story of two women named Belgin and Berna, was written by Ali Kemal Güven and will lead the team as a director. Deniz Çakır and Bade İşil share the two main female characters of the series. Berk Cankat, one of the successful actors of the last period, also takes part in the series.

The story of Aslında Özgürsün, which the author wrote in 2001 and tells the impressive story of two women, is as follows: “Married, happy, with children” Belgin is in her kitchen and Berna is fighting for existence in high plazas. Two young women and best friends hold on to each other, defy the morality and taboos imposed by society and men, and seek their freedom and identity.

Journalist and writer Duygu Asena, who was born in 1946, passed away at the age of 60, on July 30, 2006, due to a brain tumor. Duygu Asena, who stepped into journalism in 1972, made a name for herself as a writer with her book named “Kadının Adı Yok” published in 1987. The ban of this book in 1988 because it was found obscene brought it even more recognition.

One of the pioneers of women’s rights advocacy and feminism in Turkey, Duygu Asena was one of the contradictory female characters of her time. Duygu Asena is of great importance as she is one of the first to take a step towards ensuring women’s freedom in Turkey.

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