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17 May 2022 19:48


Tolga Güleç shouted out his love for Yasemin Allen, whom he met in the TV series Erkek Severse, on social media!

The love of famous actors Yasemin Allen and Tolga Güleç had fallen like a bombshell on the tabloid agenda in the past few days. It is claimed that the love of the two, who starred together in the TV series Erkek Severse (If a man Loves) began on the set.

Actress Yasemin Allen announced her surprise union with her colleague Tolga Güleç. After Yasemin Allen’s confession of “Our relationship has just started, we are very happy”, the famous couple began to appear together.

The comment from his lover Tolga Güleç to Yasemin Allen’s latest post on her Instagram account enchanted the fans of the duo. Tolga Güleç also declared his love for the beautiful actress on social media.

Yasemin Allen shared a photo of her in the car on her Instagram account. Tolga Güleç could not remain indifferent to his lover’s photo and commented, “I am in love with the one who uses it”. Yasemin Allen responded to Güleç with a heart emoji. Fans of the duo also made many comments under the photo.

Yasemin Allen, who came to the agenda of the tabloids with the news that she was in love with Tolga Güleç, talked about her relationship for the first time recently. The beautiful actress said, “Our relationship has just begun. We are very happy. She attracted attention with her statement, “I don’t want the evil eye to be hurt because he is a beautiful person in the world.”

Famous actress, reporters “You’ve been together for about 2 months, right?” She laughed and said, “I will say we do not keep a day, but I would be lying, we do. Thank you very much”.

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