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20 August 2022 04:44


The great truth has finally been revealed in the Aziz series!

The episode of “Aziz”, the TV series produced by Show TV and produced by O3 Medya, was the scene of surprise developments. The exciting episode was also among the most talked about on social media. #Aziz and the chapter hashtag #Asıl Gerçek Twitter was on the TT list in Turkey.
Aziz, who is chasing the truth about Edip Payidar, is cornered by the lies of Galip and Pierre. Aziz, who did not want to believe that his father was working with the French, learned the real truth thanks to a document reached by Efnan in the final. Aziz, who learned that Edip Payidar was working for Ankara and realized that he was the son of a martyr, managed to deeply affect the audience on the screen.

In the 11th episode of Aziz, which left its mark on Friday evenings, it came to the screen last night; Aziz learned the real truth about his father. Efnan, who went to tell Pierre that he had given up the lessons, and while reaching a very important document that Pierre was trying to destroy, took his breath with Aziz. The document he found was a telegram from Mustafa Kemal Pasha to Edip Bey. In the end, Aziz Payidar, who believed that his father was working for Ankara, could not hold back his tears with the pride of being the son of a martyr.


Pointing a gun at Galip, Aziz showed that the gun in his hand did not fire and said that his father was killed. Galip, who could not stand the words of Aziz any longer, collapsed to where he was. Aziz was the person who helped Galip, who was understood to have had a heart attack due to his fear. Aziz, who realized that his father did not commit suicide as well as bankruptcy, had a hard time controlling his anger, and he regretted Dilruba, who caused all these events, by telling Aziz what he knew about his father at the engagement ceremony. The tears of Efnan, who was destroyed by Aziz’s hurried departure on the engagement day, touched the hearts of the audience.

Efnan, who gathered herself and confronted her father Veysi, attracted attention. However, it turned out that Pierre had Veysi do all this because she wanted to break off the engagement. She told Pierre Aziz that his father had been killed by the Turkish government for collaborating with the French. Not wanting to believe that his father would be a traitor, Aziz confronted Galip. Hearing the same things from his uncle about his father’s death, Aziz’s desperation deeply affected those on the screen.


Aziz, who was able to finally get together with Efnan and told him everything, took a breath with the strength he got from Efnan. In addition to Aziz and Efnan being together again, another surprise of the episode was that Uncle was revealed to be Ankara’s man. Aziz was confused when he learned from Uncle that his father was a brave Turk working for Ankara. The lack of proof of Uncle and the fact that his father was good friends with the French led Aziz to a dead end. Taking action, Aziz went after the French weapons that Pierre had mentioned. Although he was afraid that his father would hide these weapons, he had no other choice but to reach the truth.


Meanwhile, Aziz made a big surprise to Efnan to realize their unfinished engagement. Efnan was very happy with the surprise of Aziz, who arranged an engagement with her loved ones in the workshop. The emotional moments of the lovers, who looked at each other with great love, won the admiration of the audience.


Aziz, who found the location of the weapons that his father was hiding, was destroyed. After what Galip and Pierre had told, Aziz was cornered when he saw the French flag on the guns. Fearing that his father is a traitor, Aziz learned the real truth in the final.

Aziz is on Show TV with its new episode on Friday evening at 20.00!

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