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12 August 2022 11:28


The Gül Masalı series is like the new Romeo and Juliet story!

Erdem Kaynarca plays the character of Toprak in the TV series Gül Masalı (Rose Tale), which is broadcast on ATVs on Sunday evenings. Erdem Kaynarca, who shared the lead role with Gülper Özdemir in the series, drew attention with his words expressing how special the story was.

In an interview on ATV’s youtube channel, the famous actor stated that the Gül Masalı series is in a way similar to the love story of Romeo and Juliet. Erdem Kaynarca reminded that similar stories have been revealed many times over the years, but each time those who do it present it with a different interpretation.

The actor said, “It’s the people’s comment that turns into something new original. I felt that The Gül Masalı also offered an original perspective on this important archaic story. I felt that the writing of the characters was sincere. I loved the land,” he said.

The character of Toprak in the series was also loved by the audience. There are some reasons for this and Erdem Kaynarca summed up these reasons very well with the following words:

“I really liked that Toprak is a man who tries to look at the world more, tries to live in a more naive place, tries to live with a perspective close to Sufism, rather than the cold, tough and alpha characters in those love stories we see in other TV series.”

Erdem Kaynarca, who stated that he was surprised to hear that the shooting of the series will be made in Isparta and that he had not been to this city before, said that he loved this region after he came.

The actor stated that the series has an incredible nature and how meaningful it was to make this story in Isparta after it came.

Explaining that the weather conditions in the region are very variable, Erdem Kaynarca added that this situation sometimes makes it difficult for them to shoot.

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