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16 August 2022 18:52


There is good and bad news from the Kara Tahta series!

Kara Tahta (Blackboard) series is broadcast on TRT1 screen, but we also know that it failed to meet expectations due to its low ratings.

It was revealed last month that the final decision was made for the series in which Miray Daner and Furkan Andıç took the lead roles. However, TRT1 officials did not want to damage the image by canceling the series in a short time.

As a public broadcaster, it retracted its decision to take down Kara Tahta, to which a significant portion of the audience, like private channels, was connected, due to its low ratings.

Miray Daner also confirmed in her statement that the decision was made for the early finale, but later announced that it was abandoned and the series would continue for a while.

There were also claims that the 13th episode for the Kara Tahta series could be the finale. It was revealed with the published trailer that this claim, which has been talked about a lot on social media, is not true.

The 13th episode of the series will be screened on Wednesday, July 13, and the statement made by TRT1 as a ‘new episode’ also means that it is not the finale.

No one knows how long the project, which is expected to continue throughout the summer, but it has also been revealed that TRT1 will not end the story as soon as it is concluded.

The good news in the Kara Tahta series is that there is no finale. The bad news is that the audience’s criticism has increased tremendously.

In the naive story of the series, the evil of the character of Bekir, played by Kerem Arslanoğlu, angers the audience.

Some series fans used the following expressions in their criticism on social media: “Enough of this evil. Give some people a boost. Honesty loses, evil wins, is that the theme?”

Let’s also mention that Kerem Arslanoğlu successfully portrayed the character and found great support from his fans.

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