Series News The handicap of Duy Beni series is both surprising and alarming!

The handicap of Duy Beni series is both surprising and alarming!


Duy Beni (Hear Me)series, featuring Rabia Soytürk and Caner Topçu, who are talked about for their successful acting, managed to become one of the prominent productions of the summer season. Although the ratings are lower than expected, the social media interactions of the series reach extremely surprising dimensions!

The Duy Beni series, which stands out as a production watched by the young generation with interest, is broadcast on Star TV, in which some bullying in high schools in real life, violent events, and fights between students are the subject of the series. Sümeyye Aydoğan and Utku Coşkun are also prominent names in the series that brings together the younger generation actors.

A large audience that follows the series, which is appreciated among the youth TV series, mostly on social media draws attention.

Although the ratings are below the average, the series, which does not fall off the agenda, sets interesting records on social media. Duy Beni, which surprised everyone with this aspect, will continue throughout the season, but the fact that its ratings continue in this way also worries the audience about how it will stand among the season’s series…

The handicap of Duy Beni series is both surprising and alarming! 8

It has already been revealed throughout the summer that social media does not have a visible contribution to the ratings, even though its interaction is great.

Despite the fact that the audience brought it up more, there was no contribution to the ratings in the summer season for the series. This interesting situation also raises the possibility that the channel will make a final decision on the continuation of the series in the future!

It is very difficult for the series, which have the chance to continue with low ratings in the summer season, to hold on with the same ratings in the season. Duy Beni series is very difficult in the ratings if it does not show a stronger stance!

The series, which came to the screen on Thursday evenings, competed with the series “Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi” (Come life as it knows) broadcast on Show TV. With the September season, much stronger opponents will come against its. Fox TV’s Mahkum (Prisoner) and Kanal D’s Camdaki Kız (Girl in the Glass) series are ambitious series broadcast on Thursday evening. The result of Duy Beni in the face of these series is eagerly awaited…

The series receives low ratings in the AB and ABC1 categories. We’ll see if these ratings will stay on the screen in the September season, but it’s also possible that the channel will change the strong opponents by shifting the series to another day!

The handicap of Duy Beni series is both surprising and alarming! 9

Duy Beni series on social media broke interesting records throughout the summer. Although it could not find what it expected in the rating, it took the first place in the social media tables and surprised. Despite the interaction performance approaching 150 thousand in the measurements made last week, this situation has no effect on the ratings, unfortunately! This handicap is both surprising and alarming for the series.