Series News The important success of the Karadayı series abroad!

The important success of the Karadayı series abroad!


Karadayı series, which left its mark on a period, attracted great attention with its impressive story and acting performances. The bad step of the Karadayı series, which brings together Bergüzar Korel, Çetin Tekindor and Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, was Yurdaer Okur in the role of Prosecutor. Melike İpek Yalova also gained a great reputation thanks to this series.

Karadayı series was a production written in golden letters to the history of the Turkish series in every aspect. Another new addition to the international sales of the series, which was highly appreciated at ATV.

Karadayı, which was published in many of the Middle East and Balkan countries, was also popular in Latin America. Karadayı, published in Bolilvia, Peru, will be in front of the audience in a new country.

Karadayı will now meet with the audience in Ecuador. RTS television announced with the tweet message that the first broadcast of the series will take place on 24 June.

The series, produced by Ay Yapım, started on October 8, 2012. Karadayı series, which made a final on June 15, 2015, lasted 3 seasons and 115 episodes were published.