Series News The Kader Bağları series has become a new life force for Serkan Çayoğlu!

The Kader Bağları series has become a new life force for Serkan Çayoğlu!


Famous actor Serkan Çayoğlu has returned to TV series sets. The actor, who took the lead role in an impressive drama story with the project named Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru (Cyprus Victory Towards) the previous year, returns to television series this season.

After intense preparations for the new TV series project titled Kader Bağları (Destiny Bonds), the first episode of which is expected to be broadcast in September, he started shooting. It seems that it was good for Serkan Çayoğlu to get into an intense pace again.

Talking about the life energy that his new series gave him in his interview with Hürriyet newspaper, the famous actor said, “I enjoy my job tremendously. For example, now I went back to the set for my new drama, I love the camera and being there.”

An agreement was reached with Ayça Ayşin Turan as the leading actress of the series Kader Bağları. The love and struggle-filled story of Sevda and Kerem characters is awaited with great interest.

The Kader Bağları project, which is based on the fact that two young people whose paths cross in a vineyard, are drawn into a passionate love and that they are people from two different worlds, is eagerly awaited.

Serkan Çayoğlu explained his motto in the new series as follows:

“Our motto in our new business is; Love is defeating fate. The character I play is brought up in a very rich, well-established family and lives in a small, restricted world. Sevda overcomes her taboos with her character and experiences love for the first time.”

It seems that for Serkan Çayoğlu, the series of Kader Bağları brought a new life energy and it was good to enter the busy working environment.