The life of Erdem Şanlı, the shining star of Son Yaz series, has changed in an instant!
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1 February 2023 12:39


The life of Erdem Şanlı, the shining star of Son Yaz series, has changed in an instant!

Young actor Erdem Şanlı has taken part in various projects for the last 3 years… The actor who was born in Izmir in 1996, made a big breakthrough in a short time.

Erdem Şanlı, who attracted attention as Oğuz in the Courtyard series after a small role in Vatanım Sensin, then took part in two important series for short periods.

One of these TV series was Bandit Do Not Rule the World, and the other was Yasak Elma… Son Yaz was the biggest break for the actor, who had the success of taking part in effective productions, albeit for a short time, in a row.

Erdem Şanlı, who played the character of Kaan Gök in Yasak Elma, showed a good acting and attracted attention with his physical features. The actor’s new series was Limit… Erdem Şanlı, who took the leading role in Limit, the first series of Tolgahan Sayışman’s production company, met the love of his life on the set of this series.

Erdem Şanlı, who took the leading role in the TV series Limit, which was shot in the Dursunbey district of Bursa, met Miray Akay on the set. The rapprochement of the two actors, who soon mingled with each other, turned into love.

Miray Akay was born in 2000 in Istanbul. Akay, who has been on the sets since 2010 as a child actor, exhibited his talent in different TV series.

Miray Akay, who attracted attention with her character as Peri in the TV series Güneşin Kızları, appeared in front of the audience as Zeynep in the TV series Bizim Hikaye. The young actress, whom we watched as Meliha in the Zümrüdüanka series, also played the Pembe character in Bir Zamanlar Kıbrıs TV series.

Miray Akay and Erdem Şanlı came together in the latest Limit series and their love is on the way to marriage.

He surprised everyone with the engagement of the two young names in a short time. The compatibility of the actors who make marriage plans with each other also looks very nice when you look at their photos.

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