The love that came out of the Gizli Saklı series did not remain hidden!
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30 September 2022 05:47


The love that came out of the Gizli Saklı series did not remain hidden!

One of the series that said goodbye to the screen early was Fox TV’s Gizli Saklı (Secret Hidden) series. It was thought that “Gizli Saklı” would attract attention with its detective comedy genre on the screen where mostly romantic comedies and youth TV series were featured in the summer season. However, it was not expected and when the ratings were low, the broadcast was terminated by the channel with an early final.

Sinem Ünsal, who caught a rapid rise in her career with the character Nazlı played in the mucize Doktor (Miracle Doctor) series, was a big surprise for some, after the final decision of her fans’ disappointment, the confession from the private life of the actress!

The fact that Halit Özgür Sarı and Sinem Ünsal were partners in the Gizli Saklı TV series also revealed various expectations about the couple, which the two actors ascribed to each other in terms of screen compatibility. Along with the energies on the screen, the rumors of “are they in love?” between the two actors, like the couples in almost every TV series, were sometimes voiced on social media.

However, the two actors chose not to make a statement about what happened behind the camera. The news that came out was also not certain. After the series finale, the love confession came from Sinem Ünsal! After ending her relationship for 4 years, the actress confirmed the news that she had a love affair with Halit Özgür Sarı, who was her partner in the TV series Gizli Saklı.

This statement, which was greeted with comments such as “A series love has come true,” was also surprising! Because, like many celebrities, Sinem Ünsal did not hide her love in a very brave way, as well as those who met and fell in love on the set of the series, but did not explain this situation for a long time!

It was also a happy news for the fans that the two actors, who were very similar to each other, were lovers in real life. Sinem Ünsal, who broke up with her love of 4 years, Kıvanç Kılınç, confirmed their love that started with Halit Özgür Sarı on the set!

Recently, the famous couple was seen on holiday in Belgrade. After these news in the media, Sinem Ünsal said, “The series has just ended, our set was finished 10 days ago. We went on a vacation. I went to Belgrade. I rested a little bit, I gathered my energy, now I’m ready to go on the set again,” she also accepted her relationship.

Confirming the love news in her interview and stating that everything is going well, Sinem Ünsal did not hide the love that started on the set of the TV series Gizli Saklı, although she did not want to give more details!

Halit Özgür Sarı and Sinem Ünsal were acclaimed for their partnership in the TV series Gizli Saklı. However, the acting and screen harmony of the duo was not enough to save the series! Even though the series is over, the fact that the two actors started to live in love was a surprise and happy news for their fans…

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