The new beauty of the Kanunsuz Topraklar series has come to add color to the story!
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8 February 2023 19:29


The new beauty of the Kanunsuz Topraklar series has come to add color to the story!

The Kanunsuz Topraklar series continues on Wednesday evenings on Fox TV. An impressive story is told in the series, which gives more hope for the future with a little increase in its ratings. After the sixth episode of the series, we can state that the change of director and some adjustments were positively perceived by the audience.

It is noteworthy that love has come to the fore in the TV series Kanunsuz Topraklar, in which we watch the struggle for rights between the workers in the coal mines in Zonguldak and the owners of the mines. Başak Parlak participated in the series starring Uğur Güneş, Esra Bilgiç and Necip Memili. Başak Parlak, which we will watch in the character of Bahar, will add color to the series with her talent and beauty. Başak Parlak acted a role related to the character of Ali Gelik in the story.

So what will happen in the 10th new episode of the Kanunsuz Topraklar series? Details from the new episode, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, December 8, are as follows: Murtaza tries to confuse the Paşazadelerin Konağı with what he tells about Malik Bey’s murder. But of course, Gulfem is not naive enough to believe them. Although he doubted David because of her father’s death, her heart never believed it.

Immediately after Rafet Bey’s death, the attack on Kasapoğlu’s farm intensifies Davut’s fire of revenge so much that he stands in front of Ali Gelik at the club one night. He is determined, he will kill his. But a mysterious woman named Bahar Aras appears and prevents Davut. This woman, full of secrets, has only one goal. She is after Paşazade Madencilik, too. Yavuz also tries to seize the mine and the mining district by using the fragile and sorrowful state of Behice.

Meanwhile, David is kidnapped by unidentified men and taken to his own grave. Then Yavuz convinces Behice to marry. Paşazade Madencilik is about to slip out of the hands of Gülfem and Davut. Everything is winding up. The two lovers are in a desperate state. But a kiss full of love is strong enough to stand against all these evils…

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