Great rescue operation in the Barbaroslar series!
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28 January 2023 17:05


Great rescue operation in the Barbaroslar series!

What will happen in the 12th episode of the TRT1 TV series called “Barbaroslar Akdeniz’in Kılıcı” is eagerly awaited. The new episode of the series, which will be broadcast on Thursday, December 9, will be full of exciting scenes.

Excitement and action continues in Barbaroslar Akdeniz’in Kılıcı, which is broadcast on TRT 1 screens and is eagerly awaited on Thursdays. What awaits the audience in the new episode, which will be broadcast on Thursday, December 9, the brothers of Barbaros, whose struggle for the sake of the crescent in the Mediterranean continues unceasingly? Here are the details about both the trailer and what will happen from the twelfth episode of the series:

The Mamluk soldiers, whom Karabay had entrusted with the gold, confiscated the gold found in Oruç’s cellar, were killed as a result of Pietro’s conspiracy, and these murder crimes were blamed on Oruç and his Levents. Oruç escaped from the dungeon, claiming that if he found the ones who stole the gold, the real killers would come out, but he had to give İlyas hostage to Karabay. Karabay, on the other hand, took İlyas to the execution bench, using the excuse that Oruç was late.

Oruç, who was trying to find the gold and save İlyas from execution, finally found traces of the gold, but was cut off by Sylvio and his men, who came to fail him. Will Oruç be able to get over Sylvio? Will he be able to capture Pietro’s men before the gold leaves the borders of Alexandria? Will he be able to save his brother İlyas, who is on the death bench?

On the other hand, Meryem and Hızır, who found the trace of Derviş, fell into Antuan’s trap and became Pietro’s captives. Pietro, who is after the secret book, wanted the book in return for Derviş’s life, but Pietro, who could not learn the location of the book from Hızır, pulled the trigger of the gun he turned on Derviş. Will the dervish die? Will Meryem and Hızır be able to get rid of Pietro?

In addition to all this, how will Meryem learn that Pietro is her older brother? How will Meryem’s attitude towards this situation, who will have strong suspicions that she is Pietro’s brother, will be shaped?

What will be the new action of Hüma, who changed the balance in Alexandria with her arrival? What will Hüma’s struggle with Firuze lead to, who will face Firuze once again as a result of her action?

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