The new project excitement of Bahar Şahin, who did not appear in the middle after the series of Masumiyet!..
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6 October 2022 13:25


The new project excitement of Bahar Şahin, who did not appear in the middle after the series of Masumiyet!..

Bahar Şahin, one of the actresses of the new generation who attracts attention with her talent, took a break from the screens for a while after the series of Masumiyet broadcast on Fox TV.

The beautiful actress, who has not been involved in any project for a long time, took part in the series called Duran, which was shot for the Gain digital platform. The series, which draws attention with its action-packed scenes, will meet the audience on Gain with its first two episodes on January 11th. Bahar Şahin is currently experiencing the excitement of her new series. The actress also shared her happiness with her followers on her Instagram account.

Erdem Şenocak, Nil Keser, Burak Can Doğan, Batuhan Gelener, Zen-G, in the cast of the series accompanied by Bahar Şahin in the leading roles, İlyas Salman, the master actor of cinema, who returned to the sets after 12 years, and Oktay Çubuk, one of the young actors who have recently become a shining star. Names such as Mehmet Bozdoğan, Ozan Buz, Lorin Merhart, and Cem Söküt are featured.

Duran, directed by Yunus Ozan Korkut and co-written by Murat Şevket and Yunus Ozan Korkut, focuses on the life struggles of 3 young people who are making plans to get rid of the slum where they live, with an unexpected intersection.

The subject of the Duran series, which consists of 9 episodes of 45 minutes each, is as follows: The common goal of Duran, Celal and Mustafa is to find a way and get rid of the suburban neighborhood they live in as soon as possible. Duran (Oktay Çubuk) wants to win the Muay Thai tournament and become a wealthy and famous fighter. Celal (Burak Can Doğan) starts working on a rap composition after his unsuccessful attempts. On the other hand, Mustafa (Batuhan Gelener) tries to throw the cover on the influential gang of the neighborhood.

For former champion boxer Hakkı (İlyas Salman), the owner of the Golden Gloves gym, the upcoming tournament is also the only opportunity to get rid of his debts to the influential brother of the neighborhood, Sedat (Erdem Şenocak). When Hakkı’s granddaughter Aslı (Bahar Şahin), who lives in Germany, whom he has not seen for years, shows up with a stolen diamond and then loses it as a result of an accident, the balance in the neighborhood turns upside down.

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