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4 July 2022 02:04


The project of Onur Tuna and Hazal Kaya that will make you smile is on the way!

Benden Ne Olur There are new developments about the movie, which was scripted from Aslı Kızmaz’s book and prepared to be presented to the audience with the same name.

The film, signed by Medyapım, was shot last year. However, due to the pandemic, a suitable environment was expected for the release of the film. Medyapım gave the good news on its social media account that the film will soon meet with the audience.

In the message, in which the photos of Hazal Kaya and Onur Tuna are used, “We have good news coming soon that will make you smile like these two!” statement was included. While Hazal Kaya will play the character of Sertab in the movie, Onur Tuna will appear in front of the audience as Soner.

Hazal Kaya expressed her happiness by leaving a heart emoji on this post.

Benden Ne Olur In the film, which tells the adventures of a crazy woman named Sertab Bal, there were strong names as well as Onur Tuna and Hazal Kaya.

The movie starring Nur Fettahoğlu, Selin Şekerci, Elçin Afacan, Cem Belevi and Enis Arıkan was talked about a lot last summer. However, it was on hold due to the pandemic. This message from Medyapım made the fans very happy and developments are expected with excitement.

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