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5 July 2022 23:09


Smart move from Onur Tuna, who made a career jump with Yasak Elma and Mucize Doctor!

Onur Tuna is one of the prominent young and successful actors of the last period. Thanks to the successful projects he has taken part in in recent years, Onur Tuna has gained great experience as well as jumping in his career.

Onur Tuna, whom we watched as Ferman in a completely different story after the character of Alihan, who lasted for 2 seasons in Yasak Elma, impressed the masses with him thanks to the Mucize Doctor. The actor, who played a successful role in the character of Surgeon, became famous thanks to this series, which was also broadcast abroad.

The fact of Onur Tuna’s career, which is rising step by step, is evident. Although it is tiring for Onur Tuna to be on the screen again in the new season without a break, the actor will be in front of his fans with the right choice.

The new series called Mahkum was adapted from Innocent Defendant. A South Korean production, Innocent Defendant was released in 2017. The series, which lasted for a total of 18 episodes, left a large audience in awe. Sequence; It is known as the story of a prosecutor who wakes up one day and finds himself a convict on death row, finding his memory and clearing his name.

MF Production, who also produced Mucize Doctor, the producer of the series, whose story Uğur Güneş wrote. Onur Tuna has already taken the lead role in an ambitious project of the new season. The large investments of both digital platforms and television channels in the TV series sector provided a golden period for the actors.

Onur Tuna is one of the names who made the best use of this period and impressed him with his character presentations on the screen and increased his popularity rapidly.

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